May 14, 2020

Artemis Supercomputer on the Hunt for Deeper Understanding of Genomics

Group 42’s supercomputer, powered by NVIDIA DGX systems, fuels national genome program to enhance understanding of UAE citizens’ genomes, improve healthcare and fight COVID-19.

Ever wondered what you’re really made of?

Your genome is a unique genetic code that determines your characteristics. It’s a specific combination of DNA molecules that makes you you.

Studying the entire genetic code of an individual or a group of individuals can help us gain a better understanding of diseases, enable precision medicine and power pharmacogenomics — how genes affect a person’s response to drugs.

As part of a national project launched by Abu Dhabi’s Department of Health, Group 42 is harnessing its Artemis supercomputer to decode the human genome and improve patient care. Powered by NVIDIA GPUs, Artemis is the 26th fastest system in the world.

G42, based in Abu Dhabi, develops and deploys holistic and scalable AI and cloud computing offerings. Through its Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence, it carries out fundamental research on AI, big data and machine learning.

Building a world-class AI supercomputer normally takes six months or longer. In just three weeks, G42 designed, built and deployed Artemis with NVIDIA, using the DGX SuperPOD reference architecture and Mellanox AI networking fabric.


The Population Genome Program

Built with 81 NVIDIA DGX systems, Artemis can deliver a total of 7.2 petaflops of double-precision HPL performance and run workloads 120x faster than G42’s previous system.


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