December 20, 2021

ADAA migrates digital operations and data to G42 Cloud

Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority (ADAA) will be the first government entity in the UAE to migrate its entire data and digital operations to G42 Cloud.

G42 Cloud announced yesterday the signing of a cooperation agreement with Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority (ADAA). Under this agreement, ADAA will be the first government entity in the UAE to migrate its entire data and digital operations to G42 Cloud.

The agreement was signed by Mansoor AlMansoori, Group COO of G42 and Abdalla Mohamed Saleh, Executive Director, ADAA in the presence of Dan Hu, CEO, G42 Cloud, and other dignitaries from both parties.

G42 Cloud’s secure and high-performance infrastructure coupled with its parent company’s advanced AI capabilities will offer ADAA a wide range of benefits including full data sovereignty, agility and shorter applications’ deployment turnaround times, accelerating the entity’s digital transformation and innovation journey. By migrating to G42 Cloud, ADAA will also be able to benefit from best-in-class cybersecurity solutions to safeguard critical data, prevent corruption and mitigate risk.

Commenting on cloud migration and this partnership in particular, Dan Hu, CEO, G42 Cloud said: “We are seeing an increased interest in cloud adoption among government entities. Now more than ever, governments are turning to the cloud to become more resilient, effective and agile. What was once a ‘nice to have’ has quickly become a necessity to adapt to a fast-changing environment and better respond to citizen needs.”

“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with ADAA on its cloud migration initiative and provide them with a highly secure, scalable and cost-efficient digital infrastructure tailored to their requirements. We stand ready to support ADAA and other public and private entities on their digital transformation journey.”

“This shift is in line with our government’s mandate for digital transformation, which reflects our leadership’s foresight in mapping the future of the government sector to successfully anticipate and navigate global challenges that require change. We are empowered to implement digital systems and protocols, in accordance to the best international standards,” explained Haifa Al Blooshi, ADAA’s Director of Information Technology.

The announcement builds upon G42 Cloud’s commitment to help its customers progress in their digital transformation journey, enabling them to garner insights from their data and unlock new exciting opportunities for multi-faceted growth.